Kechigan trail

Yesterday I guided from T87 Nagao-ji to T88 Ohkubo-ji.
That is Kechigan trail, Kechigan means complete your wishes.
We took original trail Cyoishi-michi.

T87 Nagao-ji.

Old milestone Jizo. About 7.63km to T88.

Beautiful rice paddies.

Main gate of T88 Ohkubo-ji.


Walking up to Yokomine-ji and down to Kouon-ji.

Yesterday I guided from Yunami to T60 Yokomine-ji and also down to T61 Kouon-ji.
Another beautiful day!

Trail head sign.

Beautiful tiny stream.

Temple 60 Yokomine-ji

Pretty flowers

Well maintained trail.


Pilgrim on Kuma-kogen plateau.

Yesterday I guided on Kuma-kogen plateau from T44 to T45.
Fabulous day!

Main gate of Daiho-ji temple.

Kobo-daishi on To-no-mido pass.

Vivid green.

Main hall of T45 Iwaya-ji under cliff.

Lots of Jizo statues.


To highest temple in Shikoku 88.

Today I guided walking to T66 Unpen-ji that was highest elevation on Shikoku 88 temples.
Quite warm day it was.

Trail marker.

Well maintained trail.

Old milestone.

Huge maple tree.

Stairway to Daishi hall

500 Rakan saints


Trail to T23 Byodo-ji.

Today I guided from Asebi to T23 Byodo-ji over Ohne-toge pass.
Also beautiful day it was!

Rice paddies at Asebi

Staircase to Ohne-toge pass.

Napalease flag on Ohne-toge pass.

Bamboo forest.

Main hall at Byodo-ji temple.


Real mountain hiking on Shikoku 88 temples trail.

Yesterday I guided from T11 Fujii-ji to T12 syosan-ji.
That trail is one of the hardest trail on Shikoku henro pilgrimage trail called Henro Korogashi which means Henro Falling down.

Dragon picture on ceiling of main hall at Fujii-ji.

Beautiful green.

Yoshino-gawa river.

Happy chicken vally-san on the trail.

Peaceful lunch time at Ryusui-an.

Impressive sacred spot, Ippon-sugi.

Wash basin at Syosan-ji temple.






Shikoku 88 temples trek part 2 by Mountain Hiking Holidays!

I guided for US group at Shikoku Henro pilgrimage trail from 11 to 20 November.

First day was from T5 to T10.

T6 Anraku-ji